Rockcastle River Right to Life

Monday, December 03, 2007

Election 2007

In addition to the individual efforts of our members in voting and making phone calls for pro-life candidates, we produced the following radio ad which was aired on WYGE 92.3FM in London.

"This is Jessica [F...], President of Rockcastle River Right to Life. Some choices are clear, like the choice between the right to life and the injustice of abortion. Another clear choice is the Kentucky Right to Life Political Action Committee’s endorsement of Ernie Fletcher because of his solid pro-life record. His opponent ignored our questionnaire, letting his pro-abortion record speak for itself. Likewise, Stan Lee is the only pro-life candidate for Attorney General. Choose life, and choose pro-life candidates on Tuesday November 6th. Paid for by Kentucky Right to Life Political Action Committee."

To borrow from Governor Fletcher's concession speech, we let our lights shine, and this election didn't snuff it out. Let's keep on shining...

October 2007

Vicky F. and I shared an information booth at Somerset Community College in London. Michael and I attended Madison County RTL's banquet. Michael and I also attended the KRLA state conference, where we thoroughly enjoyed a great line-up of guest speakers. Make plans now to attend next year's conference!

Lights, Camera, Action!

In June I had the opportunity to write an article for the Laurel County Life Center's newsletter. I also appeared with LCLC Director Vicky F. as a guest on a pro-life television show in Hindman. The booth at the annual meeting met with a few contacts and a lot of rain!